Quality Heavy Machine Repair

Industrial equipment & contract work


Campbell Inc. has been in the business of repairing and rebuilding heavy manufacturing equipment since 1972.  Our plant in Lansing, MI is well equipped with cranes through out the plant. We also have a broad variety of manual and CNC machining equipment from saddle mills to floor mills, and table mill with universal angle head, large lathe capacity, VTL’s, and slotters.  We have excellent welding and stress relieving capabilities for the welding of worn or broken parts or the fabrication of new replacement parts.  We have done work in a broad variety of industries including mining, construction, sand and gravel, rock crushers, power generation, pulverizers, rolls, injection molding, die casting, foundry and extrusion equipment.

Disassembly & Inspection

Rebuilt or Remanufactured machines can offer like-new quality and productivity at a lower cost than new equipment. Working hand and hand with our technical group we can aid your company in deciding on what services are needed to meet your manufacturing requirements and goals. 

A repair or rebuilding project at Campbell, Inc. begins with the disassembly, inspection and engineering of the parts and components. Parts are checked for wear, cracks and dimensional integrity. During this process you are informed of any findings that may impact the project or cause a change in scope or cost.

Welding of Parts

We can perform weld repairs on both cast iron, cast steel or fabricated steel parts.  Cracks are cut out and then welded or brazed. Welding is a very technical discipline.  Successful welding involves proper preparation and preheat, use of the correct welding procedures and a thorough stress relieving for success.  We at Campbell Inc. have refined our steps and procedures over the years to provide the highest quality welding services in the industry.  We also perform field welding on major components and frames in the customer's plants.  This service is often combined with disassemble and assembly field serivce and portable machining. 

Machining of Parts

We perform machining of repaired parts or new parts from forgings, burnouts, castings and fabrications.  Parts are machined to customer specifications or engineered sizes to meet the required clearances and tolerances of their mating parts.

Assembly & Testing

Upon completion of repairing the parts or making new components the parts will be checked for size and quality.  Sub assemblies will be fit and assembled.  On rebuilds the sub assemblies will then be installed in the frame, adjusted for proper running clearance and operation.  Rebuilt equipment can be test run in our plant or if assembled in the field, checked in the customer’s plant before final customer run off and acceptance.   
Controls, Lube Systems, Clutches & Upgrades

Preventative and predictive maintenance inspection

If you want to run a lean manufacturing plant, preventative and predictive maintenance is more important than ever for keeping your equipment in the condition needed to running a world class manufacturing operation.  Campbell, Inc. can provide preventative maintenance inspections on your equipment and set up and monitor your predictive maintenance programs.  Our skilled engineers and field service technicians have the experience to set up and train your shop personnel in PM inspections.  We can also split the duty and perform the annual inspections while your in house staff takes care of the more everyday inspection work.  Or we can come in on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the year and handle the majority of the preventative and predictive maintenance work for your company.



Finished pulverizer after welding and machining Broken nut from injection molding tie bar Repaired rock crusher
Machining ID of yoke. New nut for 1350 JSW 007
Machining pulverizer 1350 JSW new tie bar Welded cast iron crusher parts
Machining Pulverizer Yoke Machining 2000 Ton cross head Rock crusher- weld repaired
field work on injection molding Fabricating 2000 ton hydraulic press cross head Rock crusher housing
Field assembly injection molding tie bar and nut

Campbell Inc. can provide you with used forging or metal stamping equipment or assist you in your search.  We work with many of the top machinery dealers and also are aware of under utilized equipment and spare parts that our customers have that may  be available for purchase.  We can also provide the service of inspecting the equipment before you purchase it and provide a quote for repairs, replacement parts, rebuilding or modernizing the equipment to satisfy your needs. 

We work with used metal stamping presses, used forging presses, used hydraulic forging presses, used hammers, used upsetters, used reducer rolls, used open die hammers to name a few.  We work on all major brands of metal stamping presses: Aida, Bliss, Cleanring, Chicago, D&K, Erie, Eumuco, Niagara, Danly, Verson, Erfurt, Schuler, TMP, Voronezh, IWK, Waterbury Farrel, U.S. Baird, Weingarten, British Clearing, Wilkins & Mitchell, IHI, Komatsu, Hitachi, Zosen, Fukui, Fagor, Federal, V&O, L&J, South Bend Johnson, Minster, Steel Weld, Soenen, Toledo, PTC, Eagle, Brown & Boggs, Blow, CMC, Sutherland, Perkins, Havir, Hamilton, Baldwin, Manzoni,  Williams & White, Eumuco.

We work on all makes and models of foring equipment including: Ajax, B&S Massey, Beche, Bliss, Clearing, Danly, Erie, Erfurt,  Etchells, Eumuco, Ficep, FPM,  Hasenclever, Komatsu, Kurimoto, Lasco, Manzoni, Massey, Maxi press, Multiforge, Muller Weingarten, National,  Niagara,  Schuler, Siempelkamp, Smeral, Sumitomo, TMP, Voronezh,  Verson, Viccari,  Zdas, Wilkins & Mitchell,   

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